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The sculpture curriculum provides students with a solid technical and conceptual background in the discipline. Students are exposed to a wide range of media and technical processes, including mold making, metal and glass casting, woodworking, stone carving and welding, and are encouraged to explore contemporary approaches, such as installation, and building processes using various media.

Undergraduate Courses

  • Art 230: Sculpture I (3 Credits) Introduction to sculpture. Explores a wide variety of materials and processes in sculpture.
  • Art 430: Sculpture II (3 Credits; prerequisite: ART 230) Advanced work in sculpture. Investigates both traditional and contemporary approaches in sculpture along with conceptual development.
  • Art 431: Casting (Metal and Glass) (3 Credits; prerequisite: ART 230) Explores various casting materials and methods. Several mold making techniques, max working, gating system and finishing processes are covered. Inquires into the knowledge of casting both in historical and contemporary contexts.
  • Art 432: Installation (3 Credits; prerequisite: ART 230) Explores the relationship between 3D form and space and examines a variety of new approaches such as performance and interdisciplinary work. Lighting and some basic construction methods are covered. Students acquire knowledge of installation and performance in a contemporary context.
  • Art 491: Independent Study

MA and MFA Curriculum in Sculpture

The graduate program in sculpture provides a framework that supports students in developing their own style and aesthetic potential.


The sculpture studio is equipped with the following machines and tool:

  • gas oxy-acetylene welding set (two sets)
  • mig welder
  • tig welder
  • plasma cutter
  • diamond saw
  • electric kilns
  • wet belt sander
  • metal jump shear
  • hand metal roller
  • hand metal bender
  • bronze foundry (ceramic shell method)

University Wood Shop: Students have access to the wood shop.

Sculpture Faculty

Name: Office: Phone: Email:
Eden Collins AR134 936.468.4381