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It is our philosophy to provide an in-depth, general education in printmaking. The introductory class provides not only an introduction to the traditional techniques of the field but also historical background. A full service shop is maintained to accommodate the traditional as well as the most recent, innovative approaches to the field. The art of the book has been added as part of the course content of printmaking and is taught as a special topics course within the field.


Printmaking 220

The beginning printmaking course is technique driven, although original content is stressed. Instruction and assignments are given in relief, intaglio (etching, engraving, collograph) and silkscreen. The course objective is for the student to attain general knowledge about and become familiar with basic techniques used in the creation of artworks using these media.

Printmaking 420, 520

Introduces lithography and letterpress printing. This level may be repeated four more times. In subsequent classes, including the graduate level courses, students may concentrate for a semester in any one or mix of media. Students are also encouraged to explore the computer as an image-generating tool and the use of non-toxic photosensitive grounds for “output” as silkscreen, relief and etching. The printmaking area has excellent ventilation systems and makes use of non-toxic materials and practices as is practical. Advanced printmaking is content driven, in that content and the search for its shape leads to choices of media and technique.


The printmaking facility has two etching, two lithographic, and three letterpresses. The etching and lithographic presses are Charles Brand’s, 30”×48”, and the letterpress’ include a Vandercook III, Chandler & Price, and a smaller Vandercook proof press that is used for relief printing. Exposure units for A4 photopolymer plates, 18”×18” photopolymer film and 40”×40” silkscreens are provided. Three banks of type are now available, as well as board and metal shears, hot stamping equipment, nipping presses and other bindery equipment.

Printmaking Faculty

Area Advisor

Neal Cox
Office: AR133A
Phone: 936.468.4563

Printmaking Faculty

Name: Office: Phone: Email:
Neal Cox AR133A 936.468.4563