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The painting program at SFA is designed to give students the basic skills to confidently create unique personal expressions. The introductory class exposes students to the craft involved in painting as well as how painting utilizes the concepts that they have been exposed to in their Drawing, Design and Art History courses. The advanced courses encourage the students to develop their own personal vision of painting while continuing to engage them in a dialog with contemporary and historical paradigms of art. The students are challenged to see the connections between their work and the work of other artists, and to see how a vast range of technologies and approaches can affect their work. The goal of the program is to develop mature, knowledgable and skilled practitioners of the art of Painting.

Painting Faculty

Area Advisor

Shaun Roberts
Office: AR113
Phone: 936.468.4268

Painting Faculty

Name: Office: Phone: Email:
Ron King AS130C 936.468.4416
Shaun Roberts AR113 936.468.4268