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Metal/Jewelry area photo
Metal/Jewelry area photo

The Art Metal/Jewelry program prepares students toward a professional career in jewelry arts and related areas. The program emphasizes craft skills, attention to detail, critical thinking and creativity.

Students receive a strong foundation in technical vocabulary and skills of working with metal, while being encouraged to experiment with alternative materials and techniques. In addition to cultivating respect for craft and technical skills, students learn to recognize jewelry and object making as meaningful not for the monetary value of materials employed, but rather for the possibility of an object possessing visual, tactile and conceptual qualities that deliver a unique message. Students are encouraged to look at jewelry and objects as intrinsically capable of unique expression.


Metal/Jewelry Faculty

Area Advisor

Lauren B. Selden
Office: AR135
Phone: 936.468.4183

Metal/Jewelry Faculty

Name: Office: Phone: Email:
Lauren B. Selden AR135 936.468.4183