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The Digital Art program offers courses in which students utilize the computer as a creative tool for expressive art making–digital imaging. Course projects and methods of instruction emphasize the element of fine art design and conceptual idea development, rather than technology. Students are urged to explore alternative styles and approaches to compiling, composing, printing and viewing imagery (digital painting and 3D construction, digital photography, digital image transfers, etc.). Likewise, advanced students are encouraged to pursue other modes of computer art such as 3D animation and motion graphics. The Digital Art program serves as a stimulus for traditional studio disciplines, providing a means to integrate other mediums such as printmaking, photography, drawing, painting and sculpture into a single unified art work. While recognizing the computer for its unique capabilities in image manipulation, compositing, and layering, students will also experiment with ways to transcend the common digital print. Students will gain a solid understanding of the Macintosh platform and also demonstrate knowledge of basic visual, technical and cultural concepts of the modern digital language.


Digital Media Faculty

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Christopher K. Talbot AR101 936.468.4443