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The Bachelor of Arts Degree with a major in studio art is appropriate for those students who seek a general course of study with less depth and more breadth than is required by the B.F.A. degree. Although this program does not provide a strong preparation for studio production careers, it may, when combined with an appropriate minor, provide an education suitable for a number of other vocations.

Studio Art Major with an Outside Minor

Students interested in art-related careers in such areas as interior design, floral and landscape design, art therapy, marketing, arts management, museum work, fashion merchandising, and theater set or costume design should consult with the School of Art director for more information.

  • Core curriculum requirements (see Degree Requirements in the College of Fine Arts section of the General Bulletin).
  • Advanced work (courses numbered 300-499 inclusive). (36 or more hours; at least 36 hours at SFA).
  • A minimum of residence (SFA campus) work. (36 hours).
  • Major Requirements (45 hours):
    • Six hours from: ART 100, 101
    • Six hours from: ART 110, 130
    • Twelve hours art history from: ART 281, 282, 480; three additional hours advanced art history
    • Twelve hours from one of the following areas: advertising design, ceramics, cinematography, digital media, drawing, jewelry, painting, photography, printmaking or sculpture
      • Nine hours studio electives
      • Advanced hour requirement: Courses chosen from A-D must include at least 14 advanced hours
    • Minor (18-24 hours): Students must complete a minor outside the School of Art.
    • A grade of at least C in each freshman English course, a C average at SFA, a C average in work completed in the major and minor fields, considered separately, at SFA. These required averages are based on those courses in each category that are included in the student’s official degree plan.
    • All students must satisfy provisions of the Texas Success Initiative program.

Minor Programs

The usual minor in art consists of 21 semester hours including:

  • ART 100
  • 3 hours from ART 280, 281, 282
  • 3 hours from ART 110, 130
  • 12 semester hours of art electives of which nine must be earned in advanced courses; however, minor curricula especially suited for majors in history, marketing, psychology and horticulture (landscape design) are available.

Students majoring in Elementary Education may select an art minor consisting of ART 100, 110, 280, 390, 490, and 6 semester hours in an advanced art elective.

Students majoring in interior design may select an art minor consisting of:

  • ART 100, 110
  • 3 hours from ART 281, 282, 480
  • 3 hours from ART 130
  • 9 hours of 3/4xx electives as recommended by minor adviser