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Art History area photo

The Art History area at SFA provides high-quality education for viewers of art through a variety of course offerings that range from ancient to Postmodern art. Art History offers a Certificate in Museum Studies (18 hours) at the graduate level. Art History sponsors a day-long bus trip to Houston, Dallas or Ft Worth every fall and spring for students and faculty to see art in person. The School of Art also offers the opportunity to study the history of Renaissance art in Florence, Italy through our partnership with the Libera delle Belle Arti (LABA) art school.

Art History Faculty

Area Advisor

Jill Carrington
Office: AR117
Phone: 936.468.4351

David Lewis
Office: AR102
Phone: 936.468.4328

Art History Faculty

Name: Office: Phone: Email:
Jill Carrington AR117 936.468.4351
Julie King 936.468.4804
Ron King AS130C 936.468.4416
David Lewis AR102 936.468.4328
Scott Runnels AR123P 936.468.6265