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Programs: Graduate Degrees: M.A.A.E.

Become a part of the Artist Teacher Experience at SFA!

The Master of Arts in Art Education is designed for individuals pursuing professional training as art teachers in public schools, museums, and other educational sites. Emphasis is given to research, creativity and pedagogy through courses in art education, including graduate-level studio work, to add breadth and depth beyond the undergraduate program in studio, art education, art/design history and analysis, and museum education.

For information contact:

Dr. Bill Nieberding
Phone: 936.468.6467

Dr. Cala Coats
Phone: 936.468.4262



Semester: Application Deadline:
Spring November 15
Summer May 1
Fall July 15


To be accepted in the M.A. in Art Education program, a student must meet the admission requirements of the Graduate School as outlined in the Graduate Bulletin and meet or exceed the School of Art and program admission requirements. For details on admission to the Graduate School, visit the SFA Graduate School online.

Incoming students must have a current art teacher certificate or 45 semester credit hours in art, 12 of which are in art history. Students who do not meet these requirements may be admitted only if they agree to do leveling work to achieve these requirements. Applicants must have a minimum 2.5 overall GPA and 3.0 GPA in the major field to be granted clear admission.

Submit to the Graduate Admissions Office:

  • Application forms
  • All transcripts from the school(s) granting the undergraduate degree and any post baccalaureate coursework
  • GRE scores

Submit to the SFA School of Art Office:

  • Three recommendation forms for admissions, at least one of which must be from a school administrator or participating professional and/or major professor in an art-related field.
  • Letter of intent. Indicate your major interest and career goals, with specific reasons for obtaining an M.A. in Art Education (maximum two pages).
  • GRE scores


The SFA School of Art Education Review Committee will review application packets. It takes two to four weeks for faculty to review applications. If your application is not complete by the deadline, it may be updated for entry in a following semester. You will be sent a letter describing what materials need to be submitted to fulfill the requirements.

Time Limit

The M.A. in Art Education degree preferably is to be completed in three summers to accommodate teachers; however, the degree may be completed sooner if students take courses during the fall/spring terms. Students are encouraged to take a minimum of nine graduate credits per summer to stay on a timely graduation plan. Courses include both on-campus and online material. Students must complete requirements for the M.A. in Art Education degree within six years of admission to the program.

Program Emphasis and Components

The candidate must earn a minimum of 30 hours for the M.A. degree in Art Education. The degree is offered with two options. Option I (research-oriented) emphasizes theoretical studies and research projects in art education. At least 15 semester hours are required in art education and associated areas. Option II (studio-oriented) requires at least 15 semester hours in specialized studio work for art teachers. A minimum of nine semester hours of graduate art education courses must be taken in residence at SFA. Students may transfer in up to six hours of graduate work for Option I and up to 12 hours of graduate credit in Option II, with approval by the graduate advisor and M.A. in Art Education program coordinator. Students are expected to complete a final project demonstrating achievement within a specialized area of inquiry, which may be in the form of an exhibit or a thesis.

Candidates seeking all-level art education certification may take additional courses in secondary education as well as art education to fulfill the requirements under the Post-Baccalaureate Initial Certification (PBIC) Program.

The following components and courses provide an overview of the M.A. in Art Education program curriculum.

Core Courses

ART 506, ART 508, ART 509, ART 594, ART 599, one 500 level art history, and one 500 level secondary education course approved by advisor

Option I (research-oriented)

SED 550 or ART 589, and ART 590*

*A student may not register for ART 590 until SED 550 or ART 589 and ART 599 are completed. The application of research necessary to initiate and complete the M.A. thesis in art education is chosen in consultation with the student’s major advisor.

Option II (studio-oriented)

Nine credit hours of graduate studio courses approved by advisor and instructor